Wednesday Oct 26th, 2022


Airbnb and housing crisis: How are they connected?

The current housing crisis in Canada has forced a greater level of scrutiny on short-term rentals, particularly Airbnb. A study by the School of Urban Planning at McGill University conducted in 2019 estimated that short-term rentals have taken away 31,000 units of from long-term markets in cities across Canada. That number is based on entire-home listings that are frequently rented, available for six months at least, and rented for 90 days minimum. Communities with under 10,000 residents, on the other hand, saw a rise of 60% in entire-home listings that are frequently rented. That is nearly twice as much as in major centres. # SANDI HALPERN # REAL ESTATE # SOLD # LEASED # HOUSING CRISIS # AIRBNB

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