Friday Dec 24th, 2021


Canadians’ positive sentiments towards the real estate sector and the economy have reached a new low, according to polling by Bloomberg and Nanos Research.

The Bloomberg-Nanos Canadian Confidence Index, with a current 12-month high of 66.42, registered at 59.18 as of the week ending Dec. 17, versus 60.05 four weeks prior.

“Although overall consumer confidence remains relatively steady, the forward-looking question on the future strength of the Canadian economy has hit a one-year low in terms of positive sentiment,” said Nik Nanos, chief data scientist at Nanos Research.


Only 21.6% of respondents said that they think that the Canadian economy will be stronger in the next six months, while 42.12% said that they are bracing for weaker performance and 28.23% said that they are uncertain of the economy’s prospects. # SANDI HALPERN # SOLD # LEASED # CONSUMER CONFIDENCE # ECONOMY # REAL ESTATE MARKET

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