Friday Dec 18th, 2020


Bryan Bakker aims to explore how extreme wealth, or the similarly profound lack of it, distorts the way justice is served in Canada. Its intended first target is the perpetrator of one of the country’s most notorious mortgage frauds, Fortress Real Developments.


The Fortress story – a slimy narrative that brings together unlicensed mortgage brokers, more than $900 million in lost life savings, and a brazen syndicated mortgage scam – is one that will be familiar to many Canadians, not just the approximately 14,000 investors taken in by the scheme.

Despite the heavy publicity the scandal has already received, Corrine Sutej, one of Fortress’ victims, says it’s important that Canadians aren’t allowed to forget the company’s transgressions, or who suffered at its hands. #SANDI HALPERN # LEASED # SOLD # MORTGAGE SCAM

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