Saturday Dec 02nd, 2023


A majority of Canadians believe higher immigration has worsened the national housing crisis and put further pressure on the healthcare system.

About three-quarters of the poll’s respondents agreed that an increasing number of immigrants contributed to strain on the housing market and the healthcare system. Around 63% also said that the large number of newcomers added to the pressure of Canada’s educational systems.

Still, about three-quarters of respondents said a higher number of immigrants contributed to the cultural diversity of the country. About 63% of respondents noted how the arrival of younger immigrants contributed to the workforce and the tax base which supported the older generations.


Compared to the findings in March 2022, there was a significant decrease in the number of Canadians who wanted the country to welcome more immigrants, with that figure falling from 17% to about 9%. About 48% of the respondents said that Canada should welcome a lower number of immigrants, compared with 39% before.