Thursday Dec 03rd, 2020


Like a home inspector, a real estate appraiser will go throughout the home to inspect its state of repair, its features, its square footage, etc. Mostly, the appraiser looks for all the factors that determine the general market value of a property. People often ask what does an appraiser do. You can find out in this comprehensive resource. Another name for a house appraisal is a “valuation.”

The appraiser will go through every room, taking note of all the details, big and small, that are required to accurately compare the home to other homes to measure its value.

When all the house details are collected, the appraiser can look over the recent sales of similar homes – searching for properties as identical to yours as possible – and make a comparison to deliver the final appraisal price. # SANDI HALPERN # LEASED # SOLD # APPRAISAL

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