Monday Feb 19th, 2024


There's been lots of talk that interest rates will be coming down this year but is that really enough, and  the solution to our housing crisis?  Interest rates are certainly an influencing factor, but there are other challenging factors.  If there is not enough supply and the demand increases , it will push prices higher.  If the Economy wains due to lack of customer spending while interest rates  even remain the same, Companies may continue cut back on  employees.   Renters today are feeling it too!  Investor -Landlords want to cover their operating costs as well as see a profit. The Investors in the Condominium Market have been a partial solution to the lack of rental units In Toronto but  in spite of rent controls renters are feeling more stress than Homeowners with the high costs associated with renting!  Times are already tough for people feeling the cost of "Inflation and Shrinkflation"!  Promises and actions actions taken by all levels of Government are  always too late and not enough!  More Government stimulus is not the answer either.  The debt levels we are leaving for the next Generation are shameful. 

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